"I'm Gabrielle" We want anyone who haven't seen it to get a chance. Please click on link! 

Barcelona & Sweden

Super lucky! Booked a commercial shooting in Barcelona early November. Since it's just a "hop and a skip" from Sweden I went home to visit family and take a few work meetings.

A Haunting

A TV show shot on location in Virginia Beach late summer, just aired on Destination America Channel. Again I got to work with the super cool director Greg Francis, who also recommended me for the part!


I have been fortunate to shoot two very different commercials recently. Just finished playing a stiff CEO in one and In the other one I  walked on stilts in a crazy futuristic costume.

Gretas B&B

Shot this wonderful movie in June on the Beautiful West Coast of Sweden. Worked with amazing creative people and feel very lucky to be part of this very special movie.

Welcome to My Website!

I Truly love Telling Stories, Wheather by Portraying a Character or by Writing my own. What I Love about being a Story Teller is that you get Better Everyday just by Living Life to the Fullest, by Listening and Observing and your Experiences Become part of your Story Tellers Treasure Chest. 

I'm Gabrielle 

A short film I wrote and directed, has been around the world at many film festivals and won awards. Now we want to share it with everyone! See to the Left!

Married With Secrets and Crazy Love

Just finished shooting another episode of this ID TV show and in the same week I got to play a mom in a Lifetime Show.

Deadly Sins

Got to play a tough gun carrying Detective Azelton on ID's "Deadly Sins".

madeleine falk

This is my official website created for all of my friends and fans to keep u​p with my very hectic and sometimes borderline exhausting creative life. I've been blessed to be able to live the  life many dream of — I act in Commercials, Film, Theatre  and on Television. I also perform as a variety performer at many different venues. My latest endeavor is writing and creating my own projects.This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and now I am doing it.
After finishing my short "I'm Garielle" and submitting it to festivals around the globe, I'm also on to a very different project. This time a comedic short I'm hoping to shoot this year. "Coulrophobia"  a collaboration and I can't wait to share this crazy, fun story with all of you! I'm honored that you're joining me here. 


"A Splintered Soul" @ ICT, Long Beach

It was fun to be back on stage in " A Splintered Soul" a beautiful

play by Alan L. Brooks, Directed by Marya Mazor.

I got to play 3 very different characters. We had a great run! Thanks to everyone who made down to see us.


Triangles, the movie, is now on itunes, Amazon and Vudu. The story begins with a family's betrayal of one another and as each character is being introduced it shows just how connected we all really are. First American movie by Mahmoud Kamel after having

directed many movies in his native Egypt.

Latest Projects